Focus on your joey's health

Elephant Nose trunks

1. Their appearance cool like elephant nose, use natural push down design, you can say them elephant nose underwear or elephant pouch underwear

2. they use a separate design, you can find two departments, one for the ball and another for joey, reducing chafe and sticking.

3. ball pouch with mesh design, accelerate moisture wicking and keep your joey drying all day.

4. joey pouch like elephant nose, this design is useful when you in social occasion or office, even if your joey points up, you won't be embarrassed.

Dual Pouch Trunks Design For Redundant Prepuce

1. There is a hole in the front pouch, which is an entrance for joey.

2. An opening long pouch design for men who have redundant prepuce and phimosis, make the glans fully exposed.

3. Side opening, boost moisture wicking.

4. Ball pouch with mesh design, keep your ball drying all day.